A BB8 Christmas Short

ТЕГИ: Christmas Short

A BB8 Christmas Story

So i made this BB8 a while ago and have had him up in the kitchen as decor because why not? Well i decided i wanted to make a ...

Hey You | Star Wars Blips

BB-8 meets his dark side. Watch all Star Wars Blips here: ...

One Up | Star Wars Blips

In the next Star Wars Blip, BB-8 and R2-D2 show off a few new moves. Which is your favorite? Watch all Star Wars Blips here: ...

Droids Christmas 4

The droids are back for another christmas adventure with a new droid d-0 Thanks for watching the channel guys if you could ...

BB-8 meets a Snow Droid - Starwars new Droid

BB-8 investigates the snow driving and a droid which is called snowman. May the force be with you! ➡️TESLA Thanks for using of ...

BB-8 and the Jungle Adventure - Chapter 1 | Star Wars Roll Out

In a new antenna-bending adventure, BB-8 tries to help his friends at the Resistance Base only to become lost deep in the jungle.

Star Wars BB-8 wishes you a Merry Christmas

BB-8 droid wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Star Wars Sphero BB-8 Rock Band plays "Jingle Bells"

May the Christmas be with you! So Christmas is coming and Star Wars is on the screens, and we got so amazed about BB-8 that ...


This thing is so small and cute.

Droids Christmas

R2-D2 and BB-8 try to help to decorate the christmas tree. Thanks for watching the channel guys if you could check out my new ...

BB8's Happy Dance

The droid we've all been looking for.

BB-8 and the Snowman

Inquisitive and adorable, BB-8 by Sphero is a little Droid exploring a brave new world. See what happens when an Astromech ...

Little BB-8 Christmas Carol

BB8 loves Christmas decorations (especially the spherical baubles). Merry Christmas to you all.

Star Wars bb8 little Dante

Dante plays with a bb8.

How the BB-8 Sphero Toy Works

In 2015 we visited the workshop of Mike Senna, a droid builder who has made his own R2-D2 and Wall-E robots. Mike's next ...